Hierophant of the Night

by Descend into Despair

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released May 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Descend into Despair Rădăuți, Romania

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Track Name: Hierophant of the Night
Oh how I long and spill every tear
Into the night
This silence that defined me
Oh how I mourn
For all you lost souls
That wander
This barren earth

Let me guide you
Into these arms
Which have granted me
My everflowing wisdom
Embark with me
Unto this final journey
Be my eyes,
breath through me
Let me liberate you...

Mighty darkness, how bleak you are
As you guide the ever restless
I shall bee thy voice
That will deliver the mistery
I shall offer you my vessel
Departing from this graven world
Weak...so weak we are

Soon this apocalypse will end
Abandon all hardship
Your must needed wings granted
The voice that empoweres
Will be heard and
All the secrets, sealed
Within your tomb
cross my doorstep

All the elements of earth
Mean nothing to me
The knowledge of beyond
Seems to remain, for ages
A dim mistery
Washing away all ilusions
Weak... so weak we are

There is a hallway set before me
Painted with my existence,
Suddenly, nothing... a dellusional silence
How could this be?
such an unfinished dream
Is is really over?
I witness my final road through the stars
I finally shall be at peace...

As I collapse into the arms of oblivion
I feel the negativity purging away
Everything is empty, yet undefinable
Am I a philosopher or just another fool?

Autumn will be the host
Of my painfull.,..return
And how lonesome I carried
The weight of this sickened earth

How lonesome I carried the weight
Of this sickened earth
The fake cure is far behind
Freedom, is it really here?

There is a hallway set before me
Painted with my existence,
As I sing the song of my passing
Suddenly, nothing